Body Awareness: 5 Reasons Why Your Body is Mad at You

FatigueOriginally published here.

In modern times, we are in such a rush and have such a DO! DO! DO! attitude, that we forget our bodies. We ignore them, push them to the limits, and expect them to do what we want them to do without asking them what they need to get the job done.

If you listen, your body is often trying to have a conversation with you, but during a hectic day, it’s easy to keep ignoring its pleas.

Here is an example of my day before I began practicing body awareness.

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Fatigue and Dehydration

fatigue symptoms
Beat afternoon fatigue.

Do you suffer from midday fatigue or headaches? You may automatically have the urge to go for coffee, tea, or a sugary snack. However, what your body may really be telling you is that it is dehydrated.

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