8 thoughts on “Creamy Turmeric Tea

      • I tried it today but I snuck in a little black tea (habit!) and put a little ginger, clove and cardamom in it like regular chai, but the turmeric did really give it a ‘creamy’ flavor that I liked! Will make it again soon, this time without caffeine. 😉

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  1. Hey @ronagirl9 chai means tea in Hindi (Indian language)
    Chai can be of various types, just like black tea-kali chai or Assam chai or Darjeeling chai. What people abroad often refer to as chai is called masala chai. Masala means spices, hence masala chai has spices and condiments such as ginger, cardamon, lemon grass, etc.
    Also try kashmiri kahwa chai.
    And I really like your recipe for the turmeric tea.


  2. Fantastic idea for a healthy hot drink! I might add fresh ginger to this. I am always finding new ways to use my fresh ginger..This recipe looks spectacular. I am excited to make it very soon. Thank you so much for your clever idea!


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