5 Reasons Why Ionisers Are the Best Way to Make Alkaline Water

Which is the better value–Filter jug or Ioniser?
Which is the better value–Filter jug or Ioniser?

Water ionisers are a large purchase decision for your household, but you’ll be surprised to find out how reasonable they are compared with other water alkalising products, such as alkalising filter jugs. Water alkalizers are also the most environmentally friendly way to balance your body pH because they create very little plastic waste.

Alkaline Filter Pitcher versus Countertop Ioniser

1. Filter replacement is cheaper and less frequent than alkaline water pitchers.

  • Filter jug replacements may cost nearly £30.00 and must be replaced every eight weeks. This means you will need to buy around 6 cartridges for the year, spending approximately £180.00 a year.
  • H2O Alkalizer’s filter needs replacing every 1-2 years and costs £58.00.

Cost Analysis after 5 years

Filter pitcher cost: £100.00

Replacement filters for 5 years: £900.00

Total £1000.00


Ioniser cost: £499.00

Replacement filters (changing every 18 months): £174.00

Total £673.00

Estimated Savings £327.00

2. Ionisers create less plastic waste from used filter cartridges.

  • You will likely dispose of 6 plastic cartridges for your alkaline filter pitcher each year.
  • With an ioniser, you only dispose of the cartridges once every year or two.

3. Ionisers make alkaline water on demand.

  • Water ionisers make as much alkaline water as you need whenever you need it. Simply turn on the machine and your faucet.
  • Filter pitchers make a very limited amount at a time, so you must store it ahead if you want large amounts.

4. Ionisers make as much alkaline water as you want.

  • If you wanted to make enough alkaline water for all it’s wonderful uses–drinking, cooking, cleaning, and removing toxic residue from your produce–imagine having to wait for the small amounts produced by the filter jug.
  • Simply having enough alkaline water for a family to drink, let alone make alkaline water for anything else, would be a challenge.

5. Alkaline water ionisers can make varying pH levels.

  • More than just healthy drinking water, in your alkalizer machine you will be able to make several different kinds of water for various uses. Here are just a few uses for the alkaline and acidic water you can make with an ioniser.
  • You cannot choose various alkaline and acid water strengths on a filter pitcher. Moreover, you will have to test the water with a litmus paper to find out just how alkaline it is (or isn’t).

Ionisers are the better value

Though filter pitchers are a convenient way to make alkaline water to drink for your health, water ionisers are a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to make unlimited quantities of alkaline water for drinking, washing, and cleaning.

Interested in a water ioniser? Visit H2OAlkalizer.com for more details.

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